About EFNEP Youth Classes

Class Recruitment

Professional staff are responsible for class recruitment.  For class series, the professional staff member should complete a Participating Partner Agreement (PPA).  This agreement documents specific class logistics (e.g., what will be taught, who will be teaching the class(es), what the dates and times for classes will be, etc.).  The PPA must be signed by the EFNEP professional and the site supervisors/collaborators at the actual teaching sites.

Youth Classes

NJ EFNEP youth direct education class series’ typically consist of 8-10 classes that are conducted over a period of 4 or more weeks, with groups of youth that draw from schools where 50% or more of the student population receive free or reduced-price lunches.  Class series’ lesson plans are developed based on the desires of the classroom teacher or using curricula that have been designed to address nutrition issues of youth according to their age groups.  Lessons are drawn from among staff developed, practice-based youth curricula or practice and evidence-based lessons from other states.  Classes are evaluated pre- and post-education using the EFNEP youth surveys.