Adult Educational Process

This educational process was developed by Dr. Debra Palmer Keenan for targeting nutrition education to limited resource adults who meet in small groups. It was developed as a result of seven years of research with EFNEP paraprofessional staff and has undergone extensive testing and use. The process utilizes the principles of adult learning theory, and is designed such that each step assists class participants in improving their food security status by sharing ways to improve their diet-related behaviors.


Before the First Class

Paraprofessional or professional staff prepare to teach the first class once they know where and when they will hold classes.  This preparation will include collecting the different forms that will need to be completed during the first class.  Some forms are given to participants to complete, while others are for the educator's use only.

Before the first class, paraprofessional or professional staff should make sure that  they have the right amount of copies of all forms needed for participants, plus all the resources and educational materials needed to present.  Links to all the needed forms can be found below.

Below is an outline of activities to be presented in each class.  More detailed instructions along with scripts and lists of resource materials and pre and post class instructions can be found in the NJ EFNEP Nutrition Education Process Manual.


First Class

  • Introduction (10 minutes)
  • Show MyPlate with Brief Discussion (5 minutes)
  • Do Walk Indoors! DVD “experiment” (20 minutes)
  • Getting to Know You and Food and Physical Activity Questionnaire Forms (20 minutes)
  • Share seasonal veggie snack (5 minutes)
    • Spring and Fall = broccoli balls;
    • Summer = zucchini bites;
    • Winter = black bean or pumpkin brownies
  • Tell the participants that next time you will give those who want it a copy of the DVD and the recipe (closing moments)

Forms for First Class
Sign In Sheet English
Sign In Sheet Spansih
Volunteer Registration Form
Drop Out Form
Media Release
Site Issue Form
Food and Physical Activity Questionnaire - English
Food and Physical Activity Questionnaire - Spanish
Getting to Know You - English
Getting to Know You - Spanish


Second Class

  • Open with MyPlate discusson (20 Minutes)
  • Do Diet Recall (40 minutes)
  • Share with anyone who wants them (closing moments):
    • Samples of one of the popcorn recipes from the recipe page (,
    • Walk Indoors! DVD, and
    • Recipes.
  • Submit the Pre-Packet within 2 days of teaching the second class. Packet Assembly and Data Submission Instructions

Forms for the Second Class
24-Hour Diet Recall - English
24-Hour Diet Recall - Spanish

Third Class

  • Review of diet recall feedback (10 minutes)
  • Beverage Mini-Lesson (5-10 minutes)
  • 2nd DVD Presentation (20 minutes)
  • Seasonal Veggie Mini-Lesson (15-20 minutes)
  • Closing moments:
    • Provide Sweet Potato pudding and homemade iced tea (briefly discuss the recipes and costs)
    • Distribute Walk Indoors! DVD and recipes to anyone that wants them

Fourth Class

  • DVD Section 3 (20 minutes)
  • Show the EFNEPhelps website (20 minutes)
  • Food Safety Activity (15-20 minutes)
  • Tally Sheet 

Forms for the Fourth Class
Tally Sheet - English
Tally Sheet - Spanish

Lessons 5-10

  • Present lessons chosen based on Tally Sheet Requests (40 Minutes)
  • DVD Section 3 (20 minutes)

Forms for Classes 5-10
Lesson Plan


Last Class

Forms for Last Class 
Post Food and Physical Activitiy Questionnaire English
Post Food and Physical Activity Questionnaire Spanish
24-Hour Diet Recall - English
24-Hour Diet Recall - Spanish
Certificate of Achievement (English)
Certificate of Achievement (Spanish)