Managerial Tools

Within this section you will find various tools to support you in managing your program. These tools include forms, instruction, memos, etc. aimed toward providing assistance in the areas of teaching and outreach processes, program administration, business operations, human resource management, and grant preparation and reporting. The last portion of this section is designed to meet the needs of state level program administrators. All other sections are pertinent to state level administrators, but are more specifically designed to meet the needs of those administering local project units. The managerial tools included in this section should provide you with all that you need to effectively oversee state and local operations.

If you operate a nutrition education program and would like to obtain an editable version of any document housed in NJ EFNEP’s website, please contact:

Raul Sanchez
(848) 932-9705

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Technology Forms
Data Collection and Reporting
WebNEERS Instructions and Forms
Presentations about NJ EFNEP
Human Resources
Purchases and Requisitions
Approved Curriculum and Incentives